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brothers of 6

Preserving the Past, Protecting History, Serving our Veterans and our Community!

Brothers of 6 is a fraternal organization dedicated to the study and preservation of the heritage as well as the continual beautification of North San Diego County. Our purpose is to conduct research, educate and commemorate events, places and persons that had a measurable impact on the history of communities within North San Diego County. This would include creating plaques and/or monuments of dedication for sites of historical significance as determined by the organization, volunteering time to help keep historical sites maintained, and regular fundraising to help enable these charitable causes. We also collaborate with several charitable organizations to better serve our military veterans as well as those less fortunate in our community, and engage in projects such as community cleanup and target areas in need of beautification.

It’s that time of year to do what we do best… make a difference in our community!

We once again are partnering with Interfaith for the bike drive, and we have quite a few bikes to get this year, as well as things for the three families we are adopting.

Special thanks going out to Stef, Kurt, Luis, Derek, Ethan, Davis, Eric, Darin and Brandon for knocking it out of the park at the Escondido Community In Unity event December 7th!  Already getting accolades from the Chamber of Commerce.